Shout from the rooftops, what He's whispered in our ears!

A little less than a month ago, after a brief break from blogland, I wrote the following:

What I wish I could let you in on is what has been going on in the unseen. How the Lord has, yet again, been leading me...us. Speaking profoundly...and sometimes painfully. But it just isn't time. Maybe if He says to share I will, but not yet.

In the mean time, I praise Him. Praise Him for more than I can type and for more than eyes have seen, ears have heard, minds can conceive. I praise Him for all that He is. i praise Him that He is perfect.

The time has come.

He has said to shout from the rooftops, what He's been whispering in our ears.

And, I can hardly wait to share it all!

As I said on April 10th, He has been leading and speaking...profoundly. Sometimes the things that He has said have been painful. Self dies a painful death.

But, when I am dethroned & He is my sovereign King and Master...JOY comes in the morning!

So, tomorrow, I shout!

In Him,

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