82 days ago the Lord placed a face before us. A face that brought immediate tears...and one BIG question.

I think I knew the answer then and there.

But, as my faithful God always does, He walked us through a purposeful and sometimes painful process so that we would know that we know that we know...that we had heard Him. That He had made exceedingly and abundantly clear to us that...

We had heard Him answer our one BIG question....

Lord, is this the face of our son?

His answer?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

To say that we are overjoyed, thankful, excited, nervous, chomping at the bit to fly to China doesn't even come close! God has been exceedingly good to us!

But it has been quite the battle to get to this day. Over the next month, I will chronicle what the Lord has been doing in our hearts and how He brought us to Luke.

Tonight, however, we simply want to shout praise to the Giver of good gifts, to the One Who knows all and provides all and...really...IS all! All that I need, all that I want, all that I long to be.

And we want to introduce you to our son, Luke.

He was born June 18, 2005, in Jiaozuo City in the
Henan province
in the People's Republic of China.
He is currently living in foster care in Shunyi, a district of Beijing.

His medical update from this past March describes him as:

"bright", "outgoing", "kind and warm-hearted", "patient", "smart, conscientious, polite, and aware of his surroundings", "sweet personality","loves to laugh and joke and is very lighthearted", "almost always has a smile on his face."

And what a smile it is!

Take a look!

Luke, you are deeply loved and longed for by your Mom, Dad, brother and sisters! We can't wait to have you home with us...where you belong!

Celebrating one less orphan...and an addition to our forever family!

Rejoicing in Him,

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  1. Happy Mother's Day to you too Mandy.
    I can't wait to read your story..
    and to watch the rest of it unfold.