Zhengzhou: Take 2

Goodbye  to  Beijing, hello again to Zhengzhou!

My day started at 3:40 am.  Jet lag is grand.   Was wide awake.  Worked out OK since we had to leave the hotel at 6am to get to the  airport.!

Today has  been non-stop and things are getting real.   Serious  stomach flipping going on as we returned to the city  in which we met Joshua,  knowing that in a few short hours we will meet Sophie! How amazing  it  was  to unpack all the girlie  cuteness from the suitcases! 

Tomorrow is the day!

We will meet her at what is 9-10:30 Sunday EST.  That is Monday  morning here.  So if you are awake, please pray.  Sophie  will have a nurse coming with   her and the doctor who had been overseeing her care will come,  too!  Feeling like we will  get answers to many of our questions. 

I would love to share more,  but the 3:40 am thing has turned my brain to mush. 

Until next  time,  enjoy some pictures of Wal-Mart!

In Him,

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  1. Not gonna lie, all the expressions Dad has on his face reminds me of Aaron!!! Haha! Excited for tomorrow (or tonight I guess!) you better text me pictures! ;)