The Great Wall(s) of China

We arrived in Beijing yesterday afternoon after the best flight to China I have ever had.  Could have something to do with not having to care for little people...or watching 4 (yes, 4) movies, and a TV show on building a treehouse.  For those of you who know me well, you know TV and movies are not my thing, but yesterday it was pure bliss.  So what if two of the movies were animated!  They were the best ones, by the way!

Today our agency spent the day trying to keep us awake and called it sightseeing!  This morning we went to a section of the Great Wall of China.  

Last time, 2.5 years ago, we went to a different section which had a gondola to take you up to the wall and a tobagen sled to bring you down.  After our stair-climbing exercise, we much appreciated the gondola/tobagen aspect of the other section of the wall!  This time, however, we were not deluged by record-breaking rains and could actually see the wall and not the clouds that we walked through on the wall, so that has endeared it to me somewhat!  

It was a spectacular view and certainly brought home the enormity of the wall!  

We should have take a picture of the steps to show how no two steps are the same height or even the same slant!  Add in centuries of wind and rain to erode irregularly and it makes for an interesting climb and descent!

If you count 5 towers up from the tower in the foreground with the red roof and then go a little beyond...that is how far up and then back down we went!  Plus, we continued descending down to a body of water that passes under the wall.

We also tried to scale the Great (fire)wall of China.  Our VPN has been not very successful and I'm not so sure it will be reliable.  I was able to get onto social media briefly, but I'm not confident in our future abilities to get on Facebook, Instagram, or Blogger.  Emma may have to post in my stead!

Thank you for praying!  Keep it up!  We are less than 48 hours from seeing Sophie!  My stomach just flipped typing that!

Tomorrow, we head to Zhengzhou!

In Him,

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  1. You guys don't look to miserably cold! Glad you actually got to see the Wall this time!