Sophie Day

After waking at 4:40am and an emotional morning of waiting, we received Sophie in the very same office where we first met Joshua!

One family's daughter was already there when our group entered and before we knew it children were arriving minutes apart.  Sophie arrived around 30 minutes after us.  I had been watching the door, but had moved to a one side of it and then all of a sudden I heard one of our guides say, "Yang Bei Bei!" and there she was walking through the door wearing the tiara and purse we had sent her!

She was not a happy girl to see her MaMa and BaBa!  She started crying almost the moment she saw us and barely stopped the entire time we were at the office.  Let's just say we won't be framing any of the pictures from this morning!  Sweet girl had come with her favorite nanny and the nurse and all she wanted was to get back to that nanny!  I don't blame her...and that's exactly how she should respond in this situation.  She loved her and wanted to get away from this stranger!

They told us she had been so excited this morning and in the car on the way over...that they had been showing her our pictures and explaining everything...but then when she arrived, she started crying.

These are the few  pictures of her not screaming  and crying! Praise  God  for  the  play area! 

I wasn't too sure how things were going to go for the rest of the day, but as soon as we left the office and were away from the nanny, her entire demeanor changed.  She settled down and started smiling and, once in the room, talking, exploring, and playing.   Her nurse came to the room with us and explained and demonstrated all of her various procedures and instructions to us.  And, then, it was just the three of us.  Playing and getting to know one another.

She's done so well since we left the office!  She is cuter in person than in her pictures...who knew that was possible?  She is smart and quick to catch on.  She has the cutest raspy voice. 

We are in awe.

Please, please pray that she will drink well and stay adequately hydrated!  This is vital to keeping away infection.  Pray that we would quickly become comfortable with her care and that the Lord would enable us to not miss anything we need to do.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers thus far and for loving our little girl!

In Him,


  1. Oh, Mandy! She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! So thankful she is in the arms of her mama and baba! God is good.

  2. Hi Mandy, my name is Rebecca Shook and I work for New Hope. I previously lived at MBHOH and have known sweet Bei Bei since she was a baby. I have loved watching her grow and my husband and I love her dearly. One of our nurses gave me the link to your blog and I loved seeing the photos of her in her little tiara. She has always been such a princess. Thank you for welcoming her into your home. Please be assured that she has been well loved and cared for, and we are so happy for her!

    1. Rebecca, I totally know who you are through NH/MBHOH updates! I had even emailed your husband about her before her file became available. What a blessing to see this comment from you! Thank you sooo much! I am so glad you got a link to the blog and get to see Bei Bei and her family. She is so precious! I pinch myself...amazed that I get to be this amazing, sweet girl's mama! It is so obvious that she was cherished, nurtured, and loved...not to mention prepared for our arrival. She has had the most seamless entry into our family of any of our children. We cannot say thank you enough. I hope we can stay in touch and, prayerfully, meet in person one day!