Getting to Know You

The last several days have been a whirlwind!  Most of the time was spent getting to know our little girl better...both inside and out!  

She is a treasure and we are just sooooo in love!  She has just marched right into our hearts and completely melted them.  I don't think that there is one thing she does that I don't find absolutely precious at this point!

Sophie fixing my hair!

Hugs for MaMa!

What we are learning...
Sophie is one smart cookie!  She picks up on things very quickly and is already mixing Chinese and English together in sentences.

She is not easily dissuaded or persuaded when she sets her mind to something!  My girl knows what she wants, where it is, and just how to get it!  Her trademark smile gets her a long way in that department!

My girl can sleep!  She can fall asleep in a New York minute, just about anywhere.  And then she is O.U.T.  Waking her is not easy, but once she starts coming to, there is that smile again!

Food, well, go back to that not easily dissuaded or persuaded thing. French fries and yogurt are so far always a go.

Friendly!  She has a way of charming almost everyone she meets.  That smile and sweet 'Ni Hao!' or wave and 'Bye, Bye!' accompanied by a blown kiss win everyone over!

Selfie with Sophie

She loves to empty and fill things.  This, so far seems to be her favorite pastime.  

Today, I pulled out the Duplos and she and Daddy built for quite sometime. Her fine motor skills are something!

As we began Sophie's adoption process, the Lord repeatedly reminded us that she was so much more than a medical file.  The day after we received her heart-quaking file, the Lord prompted Show Hope (the organization overseeing her care) to post an article about her personality on their blog.  It was that reminder that she was first and foremost a precious little girl, who also happened to have serious medical issues.  Just as with our other kids, the medical need will be a part of her life, but it is not who she is.  If we had just looked at the file and not at her Heavenly Father who created her heart and her unique, sweet personality, we would have missed out on so much.  

We know He has great plans for her!  

And, we get a front row seat!  All glory and honor and praise to Him!  

In Him,

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