Thanksgiving Pictures

We decided to attempt to do a family picture on Thanksgiving.  

Kevin's parents' house offers a beautiful backdrop, so we thought we'd give it a whirl before Aaron left for boot camp.

I honestly think the pictures leading up to 'the picture' are hilarious. Perhaps a little more accurate portrayal of life in a large family than the final send-to-family-and-friends photo!

So here are some of the pictures before 'the picture'....

Anna Grace is ready to go!

Now Ally is ready, too!  Joshua is interested in his shirt.

Oh, no!  We're losing them.  Aaron's expression says it all.

Maybe a new location will help?  No so sure...especially Anna Grace.

So photographing a family, much less a fairly good-sized one, can be tricky.  Although none of 'the pictures' are perfect, they could work for our Christmas cards (if I ever send them out!).

So, for all 3 of my readers (Hi Mom! and Mom M!  and Emma!)...let's vote!  I have my personal favorite of the next 3 photos but I can be swayed!!!

So, should we go with #1  "Standing by the Fence in Black & White"?

All 3 younger girls could have done better smiling.  Love Joshua's 'rock on' expression!

 #2 "Standing by the Fence in Brown, Green, and Pink"?

Sun was a little bright...hence squinty eyes.  Girls' expressions are better...Joshua's not so much.

Or #3 "Black in the Field" {don't let my lack luster titles influence you!)

If Emma & Joshua were scooted over more to the right of the photo (away from Kevin) this would be close to perfect...except Joshua isn't smiling again.  He just couldn't understand why he should look at this black box on 3 legs, much less smile at it!  Go  figure!

So, to vote...you have to leave a comment telling me which # picture you like best!!! 

Or, I guess you can email me if you have my address!

So while you are mulling it over, I thought I'd share some of our sibling attempts. 

Very few worked, although several had potential.  
Anna Grace was D-O-N-E!

Couldn't get them to look in the same direction. Still I like it!
 This next one may be my favorite of the entire day...

Lily looks a little stressed in this one...but still so sweet!

And, this, though it slightly blurry from the exceptionally high ISO, is a be-still-this-mama's-beating-heart photo.

So go VOTE! 

In Him,


  1. Love the kissy one at the end but for the whole family photo, I like standing by the fence in black and white. #3 tends to make me think of the American Gothic for some reason.

    1. That's so funny! I see it now that you say it! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Mandy I think #3 is my favorite because the majority of the expressions are best in this photo but it is a little bit dark. I also like #2 even with the squinty eyes because the light is better in the photo and the faces are brighter because of it. But I love, love, love the one of Aaron and Joshua and the one of Lily and Joshua kissing… soo cute!

  3. Last one is soooooo cute! pink and green one!

  4. Can you lighten #3? If so that is my pick. Otherwise 2.