This Christmas was unlike any in my adulthood.  This was the first year Aaron wasn't with us.  He was able to call home from Boot Camp on Christmas Eve, so that was an unexpected and treasured gift.  Still it was odd not having him with us.  It is also the first Christmas since Luke died.  I prayed that a heavy shadow would not hang over the day.  I can't express how much we missed our two older boys.

 Thankfully the pace and excitement of the kiddos kept my mind fairly occupied!

Christmas was especially blessed for us this year as it was the first Christmas for Joshua!  Everything was new and exciting for him.  Everything is always exciting to him, so that wasn't a surprise...but it is sooo much fun to watch him have fun!

We don't do the guy in the red suit around here, and try to keep the focus on the best gift ever given...Jesus.  So, we begin our Christmas mornings with a family breakfast and reading of the account of Jesus' birth.

When you come down the stairs and are greeted by 2 shiny tricycles...excitement ensues!

After a little ride around the house, breakfast, and Bible reading we opened gifts one at a time.

Anna Grace's much hoped for Barbie.

Miss Lily and her new clock.  Little Smartie already knows many of those numbers and was asking, "What time does my clock say?"

Ally, our lover of all things girlie, excited about a make-up kit.

Joshua modeling his new knight costume (a must after some sisters, who will remain anonymous, put him in their dress-up clothes). 

Loving on his new mommy-made hot rod blankie.  Another must since he's adopted some of his sisters'!

Emma in shock at receiving the jacket she sooo wanted.

Anna Grace doing a happy dance over her rip stick.

The super-est of all super-heros...our Joshua!

Praying your Christmas was blessed by the presence of our Savior, Redeemer, King and Friend.

So thankful to be blessed by my God with the family and friends He has granted me.  My heart is full.

In Him,

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