Last Few Days

...have been a bit of a whirlwind!

Sunday evening, Kevin, Anna Grace & Joshua headed up to Philadelphia for Joshua's 5th casting appointment (early Monday morning).  

When it was time for bed, Joshua apparently didn't want to take off the sweater vest I had put him in for church! 

 So funny because when I put it on he kept saying, "Thank you, Mama! Thank you!" And, then scooted over to the mirror to check himself out!  And, let me tell you, he rocks the sweater vest!  Too cute!

Anna Grace & Joshua waiting for his appointment

His casting sounded like the most difficult with the first tears of any of his appointments so far.  

He was crying, "I want mommy!"  That's a pretty sure way to make sure I'm at every appointment!  He will get casted again on Friday...and, yes, I will be there this time!

Last night, Anna Grace & Emma had their band and choir concerts (both play clarinet & Emma is in choir).  

Emma is in center

Other than getting the 'I'm trapped on an airplane with two wiggly 3 year olds" feeling, it was wonderful.  Lily & Joshua really did very well, all things considered.  Two and a half hour concert at bedtime?  They did great.  

Anna Grace said she was nervous, but it didn't show and Emma pulled off her solo beautifully.

Lily's physical therapy is no longer in home, so we have to go to the local children's physical therapy center (which she is growing to love).  Today, after staring longingly at another child riding a tricycle, she pedaled a tricycle for the first time herself!  Her feet have never been able to reach the pedals on the ones at home, but this one was a perfect fit and she was off!  With no instruction she pedaled herself all the way around the building!  Brought tears to my eyes!  Wish I'd had a camera...

Today, Emma decided to spike Joshua's hair while I took Lily to her first dental appointment (let's just say she's not the stellar dental patient like her brother!).  He was sooo cute!

And, tonight during dinner we got a call from Aaron!  We didn't miss it this time, Praise Jesus! We got to talk for almost 30 minutes and he sounded wonderful.  Focused  & dedicated.  He said he might be put in charge of helping the other recruits study since he is doing so well on the academic side of their training and is staying under radar on most everything else...which is a good thing in Boot Camp!  What a treat!

Starting to get misty-eyed over the Savior's birth as Christmas approaches...

In Him,

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  1. We know that bridge! I think we stayed in the same hotel room!

    We are moving back your way this summer.

    Amy H