Mary's Story

Sometimes I wonder just how much Mary understood of what laid ahead for the baby boy she held, nuzzled, loved...and like all good mamas...adored.

Simeon had looked directly at her and prophesied,  "...a sword will pierce even your own soul." (Luke 2:35).

What a hard word to hear on a joyous occasion.  He was forty days old!  Old enough to go to the Lord to be consecrated unto the Lord!  They would go to Jerusalem and do as the Law required!

But in the midst the word comes..."a sword will pierce even your own soul."

How she must have turned those words over and over in her head. "A sword will pierce even your own soul...a sword will pierce even my own soul."

Surely she had witnessed the stabbing and tearing of a mother's heart in the faces of her friends, own mother and sisters.  She had heard the mother mutterings and longings of others for their boys to 'do this' or 'not do that'.  Undoubtedly she'd heard their prayers early in the morning, late into the night, whispered under the breath, choked out through tears by the women she knew for their sons.

But the perfect Son of God?  The One Who is Salvation and King?

What could You mean, Lord?

I wonder how those words must have followed her as her son grew in "wisdom and in favor with God and men."

Did she ask, "Is this what you meant, Lord?" as her other boys teased their brother. 

"Is this what You meant, Lord?" when even adult James refused to believe?  

"Is this what You meant, Lord?" when she couldn't get near her firstborn because of the crowds and He declared, "My mother and brothers are those who hear God's Word and put it into practice."

Surely, she knew He was born to die...right?  

How do you look into the dark eyes of your baby and fathom that this one nestled in your arms will one day die in your place?

How do you sing over the One who sings over you knowing that His purpose is to be the Spotless Lamb?

How do you hold His little boy hand and not hear the hammer that will drive the nail?

How do those thoughts not pierce your own soul each time you stroke the hair on the head that will bear the thorns?

Did she want to spare her baby His future pain as He died to spare her hers?

Did she grasp the depth of thrust of the sword?

Did she remember that "joy comes in the morning?"  

Did eyes of faith see the empty tomb and the serpent-crushing, grave-conquering, sin-vanquishing Son of hers triumphing gloriously on the third day?

Did she grasp the depth of thrust of the sword?

The more serious the wound, the more rejoiced over is the healing.

"...a sword will pierce even your own soul."

Those hard words were preparation, foundation...whether she foreknew her son's future or not.  They would be the echo off promise from God her Father, God her Husband.  Reassurance that all was ticking of as planned.  His plan.  

"Mary, I told you...a sword will pierce even your own soul."

In Him,

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