Lily's 3!!!!

That's right!  Today is Lily's 3rd birthday!
And she gets it!

After watching her sisters cycle through birthday parties this last year and attending several herself...she gets it!

She's been talking about her birthday quite a bit (with a daily countdown to the big day by her sisters...why wouldn't she?)

And she enjoyed her day in our family's style.  A special breakfast of her choosing paired with a round "Happy Birthday to You" (Craisin muffins, bacon, and OJ...her requests).  Whatever dinner she requested (pizza...so what if we had it last night, too!).  And an extended family celebration with the cake of her choice (Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake) and more "Happy Birthday to You!"

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

In Him,

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  1. Happy birthday to your precious girl!!! Blessings and love!!!