How Can My Two Year Old Be in the Navy?

That is the question I kept trying to suppress every few minutes this past Tuesday.

No Joshua didn't join the Navy.

Aaron did!!!

We have been praying that the Lord would show Aaron what His next step is for Aaron's life.

Rarely have the answers to my questions for the Lord come back as I expected.

This is yet another of those instances!

The trusting in God part of me is choosing to stand on God's promise to answer us and that His answers are always perfect.

And, truly, joining the military has seemed like one of the best options for him.

Tuesday, however, the somewhat emotional mama side of me came out as we sat waiting, and waiting and waiting for Aaron to be sworn in. 

As much as I tried to keep her away, she kept trying 
to remind me of the fact that 20 years ago that day I was 4 days away from giving birth to 9lb 2oz baby Aaron.  Replete with head full of dark black hair.

Of his cute chubby, little 2 year old cheeks...

Of sliding down a huge slide together at a pumpkin patch when he was 4.

Of going to preschool together (he as a student, me as a teacher!)

Of his first day of kindergarten & my hyper-involvement because I couldn't stand to be away from him for that long.

Of his excitement when he finally had a sibling when he was five and a half.

Of finally homeschooling him and reading soooo many books together.

Of his years playing parks and rec soccer, football, and basketball.

Of his middle school band concert.

Of nearly losing him exactly 6 years ago. 

Of his learning to drive.

His first job.

Of navigating the treacherous teen years...with 
many scars to prove it.

And, not believing that, now, I'm sitting in on a military installation about to watch my baby join the Navy.

I knew I had to keep that woman at bay or I was going to be a blubbering mess...not to mention totally embarrass both Aaron and Kevin in front of a room full of teenage boys!

But, gosh darn it, she fights hard.

Even as I type this...she's managed to make me cry!

But, I looked over & saw that he isn't the 2 year old I have frozen in my mind....he shaves for goodness sake....and I, again, had to entrust him to my Father.

So when, several hours later, it came time for him to be sworn in...I only let about 3 tears fall.

Not bad for me.

And as a chapter of my life closes...one in my firstborn's begins.

And it is good.

 In Him,

ps...Aaron is very excited and will leave for boot camp at the end of November....hopefully after Thanksgiving!  We are very proud of him taking this step into adulthood and can't wait to see the Lord's plan for his life continue to unfold.  Even when the emotional mama in me wallows a bit!  For me I am a bit sad...for Aaron I am excited and thankful for the Lord's answer and direction!

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  1. Dear Mandy
    Oh, we mommas need tougher hearts don't we. But I guess the soft heart is what makes us what we are. I'll be praying for you and Aaron.