Guess Who?

Guess who came to visit us?

Luke & Joshua's foster mom from China!

Every two years or so she her husband return to the States to visit family and this time she was able to come and visit with us for about a week and a half!  Hence, no posting for awhile!

Kevin & I were able to spend several days with their foster parents when we were in China.  It was like meeting old friends...only we'd never seen each other in person before!  It was a much needed time for me...to be where Luke and Joshua had been.  

When we learned their foster parents were coming to the US, we suggested they come for a visit and meet our church family here who feel like they know them, too.

And, that's just what she did!

The visit was difficult for Joshua...as I expected; but from everything I've seen (through other families) getting to say good-bye to their foster parents and seeing that they will be staying...forever...with their family is a good step in the grieving, adjusting, and ultimately attaching process.

It was difficult to see him struggle with his fears, but a blessing to see how he has blossomed since she has returned to see her family. He has been so affectionate recently...and has learned to say, "I love you" in English.  So precious!

If you would like to learn more about his foster parents, you can visit their fledgling website at:

Joshua is in the video on their site!

In Him,

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