She WON!!!

Okay...so last week I posted about Emma's Sunday Snapshot post.

Today, I'm posting about it again.  


Oh, yes, she did!

Emma has been super-challenged by Stefani's Sunday Snapshot Contest each week and has been learning so much from her and other blogging photographers who share their learning and knowledge.

It has been a big goal of Emma's to win 1st place on Sunday Snapshot.

And this week she did!

And not only did she win there...but she won here, too!

Both gals had the sweetest things to say about Emma, Lily, Emma's blog and her heart. (Not to mention all of the comments that touch my heart and leave me reaching for a tissue!)

I am so proud of her for...really soooo much...but for setting a goal and working toward it.

I also happen to love the fact that the photo she won with was of our sweet Lily! 

Here's the winner....

And here's another of my favorites...

and another...

In Him,

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