Turtle Leg

We've known for several months now that Lily had outgrown the socket on her leg.

We've sorta been buying time.

Time till she got a new socket...considering we are just now about done paying on the first one!!

Well, it's time!

(Lily getting casted for her new socket. Her mouth is closed?
We must have caught the only second she wasn't screaming!

And that means time for a new look!

Tonight, Emma and I went hunting and came home with 2 fabrics.

We settled on this:

I think it is simply perfect because...weird Mandy factoid here...I kinda love turtles. Why? I don't know. Just do. {I'm sure there's some book that would psycho-analyze me and tell me why...but I'm not that interested.}

Won't it be too cute?!

In Him,

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