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I have been writing about how the Lord brought us to Luke for awhile now. I've needed to write about it in such detail for several reasons.

1) So I NEVER forget what the Lord has done in this and how He's led and spoken personally and powerfully to me. If the Lord tarries, I know He will give me plenty of opportunities in the future to practice what I'm learning now. Faith builds on faith. Just as Joshua set up memorial stones so Israel would not forget, I am erecting another one of my own.

2) For Luke. I want him to know how very much God loves him! How God moved in heaven and on earth to bring him home. And how big a plan God has for him as evidenced by how clearly God led us and how strongly the enemy fought against it. I want him to know that he has been a powerful move of God in my life. I want him to know how much he is wanted and loved by us and by his Heavenly Father.

3) To give God the glory! He is the One orchestrating, leading, moving, working. This is HIS story more than mine or Luke's. I want to shout HIS praise! Enough said!

4) To be real. I think some have the impression that this has been "easy." I want to be honest and say we wrestled through and to this. It has been a sweet struggle, but a struggle nonetheless. But on the other side has been blessing unspeakable and I know there are more to come.

5) To encourage my family in Christ...to trust God! Believe Him for WHO He is! To step out in obedience wherever He is calling you to step. You might not see beyond that step...but one thing is sure...He's there! It is the place of JOY! Do you want joy? Be crazy obedient. Die. And find Life. We cry out for revival...it's in obedience. In living beyond your abilities, in the place where it will only "work" if God shows up. And then you watch in awe & unspeakable joy as He moves and fills and speaks! Yes, He does speak. That's another thing I want His children to know. Put yourself in a place where you have to hear Him...and you will. Guaranteed.

I say all this because the next few posts are raw and real. I don't want to sugar-coat how we came to the assurance that we were to adopt Luke. We will share, as best we can, what we went through in the days following receiving Luke's file. We share it with the hope that others will see that the enemy of God attacks fiercely when he knows God is moving. His tactics are strong, discouraging, confusing, persistent, and, oh so, cleverly disguised. They create fear, confusion, doubt, rationalization, and seem very reasonable. But they don't leave peace. And I want to declare that the enemy is a loser. God is the Victor...and always will be!

This is the place the next posts come from.

In Him,

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