16 Years & Counting!!!

16 years ago on the 16th day of July...I married the man God masterfully created just for me!

God knew exactly what I would need and what I wouldn't! [He did make me after all!]

He knew I needed a good listener. In case you hadn't noticed, I can talk! And he can listen....for long durations! So much so that when we were dating in high school, my parents had a nickname for him...Mute Man. Hey, he was the strong, silent type! He still is the strong type (and not just in the physical sense...I dig that, though). Not nearly as silent, though. The listening part...still going strong!

He knew I needed someone who would ground me, counsel me, be patient with me, partner with me on some crazy adventures...and sometimes, tell me "no"! No matter how hair-brained my ideas have been...and let me tell you many of them have been very hair-brained in their raw state...he listens without laughing (too much) or automatically shutting them down.

He knew I'd need someone to make me laugh. I can be a tad serious, and he brings laughter and smiles to my world. The straight-faced delivery, the laughing at himself because He just knows he's funny. The "who? me?" innocence of a not-so-cleverly disguised prank. Tailor-made for this lady.

He knew I'd need someone who knew me better than I know myself. Living inside my head can be down-right confusing sometimes. {Can you believe that at my age I still can't decide what my favorite color is? (21, of course! We married when I was a mere 5 years old. I was a child bride!) I lean toward red, but green has some beautiful hues...and some really ugly ones. Blue...have you seen the color of the sky on a clear summer day? But red...it is the color of Jesus' blood shed for me! And, some great high heel shoes} Do you see what I mean?

Okay, I digress...

He knew I needed someone who's deepening love and obedience to the Lord inspires me! He knew I needed someone to share the secrets of my heart with...who would believe me when I say: "This is what the Lord is laying on my heart." Someone who would talk over the Word with me in the car, over dinner, on the couch, laying in bed, on the phone, while I cook...

He knew I needed someone who would let me sing (even though I can't really), sleep, escape, forget things and still love me, who would let me continue to grow.

I love this man of mine more each passing year. I am so thankful to the Lord for him. To the Lord for making Romans 8:28 true in our lives, "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose."

He took our beginnings and made not just something that was good...but a marriage that is very good. And I am so thankful!

Praising Him!

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  1. Thank you for 16 beautiful years. I soooo look forward to the years to come, as the Lord continues to grow our love. I am a blessed man and thank God for you each day.