A Walk on the Wild Side

About a week and a half ago we had a spell of beautiful weather. It dawned on me that we should take advantage of it and do as much of our desired outdoor activities as I could reasonably squeeze in.

One of those activities was the ZOO!

And, boy, was it ever a good day! Beautiful temps and even better...almost all of the animals were out and about. In my past experiences, zoo trips have been a bit like playing "Where's Waldo?" But, this time, the animals were in a much more front-and-center mood.

And Kevin took some awesome pictures!

LIONS and...

[Now, this lioness is O-U-T! Great napping weather, I guess!]


...and [sloth] BEARS!

...and [panda] BEARS

OH, MY!!!

Emma brought a friend...and I brought Answer in Genesis's ZOO GUIDE.

That was a terrific $3 spent at a used homeschool curriculum sale a few weeks back. As a side note...after I got it home & looked at it I thought it wasn't "meaty" enough, but after our first stop at the lion's den, I realized it was absolutely perfect! Just enough info and interesting tidbits (from a creationist's point-of-view!) for the amount of time you actually stand in front of any exhibit. Loved it! So did all of the girls...even better! Not to mention a few passers-by.

Inspired by the Zoo Guide, my favorite series of questions to ask the girls was...What do you think ___ eats? What do you think they ate before the Fall...before Adam & Eve sinned? The answer to the 2nd question was always the same...plants, fruits, nuts (any vegetation, but no animals) because death is a result of sin (Romans 6:23). Eating meat is a result of death, thus every animal was vegetarian pre-Fall.

Totally recommend this for your next zoo visit!

Plug done.

Group shot...photographer conveniently keeps himself behind the camera!

Utter Cuteness...she did SOOO well with our all day jaunt.
Very content and happy!

The fresh water otters became the girls' new favorite animal.
Were they ever cute!
Not to mention playful and photogenic!

Anna Grace and Ally under the misters...2nd favorite attraction of the day.
They could charge admittance for those!

Monkeying around...

Hakuna matata...

Have I ever mentioned I was bitten by a Prairie Dog once?
[Sorry...inside family joke!]

Love this picture...

Anna Grace was a trooper, too, given that every animal she wanted to see is not.at.this.zoo!
No giraffes. No rhinos. No hippos.
And...the Red Panda exhibit was closed.
But she handled her disappointment well.

And, now for some Black & White pictures...

Ally riding the anteater...

Just hanging around...

Looked like fun...so they gave it a try!

In Him,

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