More Milestones

I had Part 4 all ready to post, but today had a couple of fun happenings I want to share.

The first was Lily receiving her very own "gait trainer"...or as I call it [ probably incorrectly]...walker! It is gold and much lighter-weight (meaning more maneuverable) than the loaner she had. After getting over her initial rejection of the nice medical equipment gentleman who brought it...she took off! She just loved it! She spent at least 30 minutes in the 90+ degree heat dripping...I mean walking...outside.

Video to come soon...

Next, we headed off to the mall to get Anna Grace's ears pierced! She was so excited and did so well!

Emma did a beautiful post about the event on her blog. But her blog is private. So, I did the next best thing...evoked my mom-rights (see clause "I AM MOM", paragraph "I Gave Birth to You", item "I Pay Your Allowance, Girl!") to replicate it below...

Last Saturday was Anna-Grace's 8th Birthday. So I gave her a gift card to get her ears pierced.

So after Lily's physical therapy today we went to get her ears pierced at Claire's.

She was SOOOO excited. But in the car she said she was nervous.

The whole time while we waited she looked very anxious.

Don't worry Anna-Grace it's just a pen.

Marking her ears and making them even.

Ear #1 she didn't even flinch!

Ear #1 done, now ear #2! Again she didn't even flinch!

Now it's over!

She loved her NEW earrings.

After she was done we all got to eat lunch at Chick-fil-a!! Had a great day!

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