Part 5: We Begin "the Process"....again

If you are just joining me for How God Brought Us to Luke, and thinking: Part ???? Please go to this page and start at the top. Trust me...it will all make more sense when you start there!

As I've already shared, the Lord had already been speaking to our hearts that we would be adopting again.

The question was when.

At the beginning of February, we received a reminder from our Home Study agency that it was time for our 6-month Post Placement visit for Lily. Aside from the "Wow! Where-did-those-6-months go?" musings, I had another thought.

Could we do the first Home Study visit for our next adoption...at the same time?

We knew we were going to adopt again at some point...why not be efficient, right? Multi-tasking is my Modus Operandi. Only made sense to me to do 2 in 1.

So, I called and asked and sure enough, they could do it. Next thing we knew we were sitting across from our social worker in our family room discussing Lily...and our next adoption.

[Little side note: For our first Home Study, I scrubbed the house top to bottom, organized left and right, and had butterflies dancing in my stomach. For this one...I forgot to clean
anything until it dawned on me that morning that some straightening might be in order! Needless to say...we passed both times!]

How little we knew about our next child became glaringly apparent...

Which agency will you use? Not sure yet.

Boy or girl? Don't know.

Age? Don't know...ah, under 6?

Special Need? We can answer this one! Yes!

No, she meant which ones! Oh, ah...still yes. [At which point she said that when we decide to let her know
which needs we were open to.]

Essentially all we knew was we were to adopt. Exactly what he or she or they would look like...we had no idea.

But, we were one step closer to getting to them. Whoever they were...

Funny...a few days after this visit I sat down to pray for awhile and wrote that list out before the Lord. I asked Him to guide us in His time...to fill in the blanks.

It would be only a matter of days before all of the questions were answered. It just took us a little longer to catch on....

Coming....Part 6: Looking for Lily...found Lovable Luke

In Him,

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