Snip! Snip! Snip!

We finally did it!

We cut her hair...sniff, sniff.

It has been a topic of discussion for several weeks now. Every time we would brush it out of her eyes. Each and every bath. Every morning combing. Every time we pulled it back with a barrette, only to turn around and find said barrette on the floor. Every time a family friend would say, "My, her hair is getting long!" Every time we would have the discussion...

Mommy to Daddy, "So, are you ready for me to cut her hair yet?"

Daddy to Mommy, "It's not that bad!" which progressed to: "Can't we just clip it out of her eyes?" then to "Well, what would it look like?"

So we would continue with the attempts at barrettes and ponytails only to be thwarted by little Miss Lily at every turn.

Finally, yesterday, Daddy said, "It's time."

Now one thing all of my kids sans Emma have is wave to their hair. Wave is always more forgiving to my untrained trimming than I figure straight hair will be. To make it a little more nerve-racking I know my hair-cutting scissors are getting a little dull. Yikes!

But, I had to seize the moment!

Like an Oreo next to a glass of milk, the opportunity was bound to disappear as quickly as it was presented. I just had to get while the gettin' was good...straight hair meets dull scissors and all!

Let's not forget one terribly large strike against this whole thing....

17 pounds of 17 month old...way past her bedtime.

But, seize the moment! Right? Right!

Here are the pictures...



Check the straightness progress.

Missed a spot!

Finishing touches...

Almost straight...totally done.

So...what do you think?

Ni Hao Yall

In Him,


  1. So cute! The bangs look adorable on her!
    Great job on cutting her hair (:

  2. That last little picture...oh.my.goodness! Just precious!

  3. I think she looks Perfect!
    You are one brave mama!

  4. Mandy,

    She is absolutely TOOO Cute!!!

    I never saw that hair twisting method thing you were doing there. Some special secret...you know...from one do-it-yourself-haircutting-momma to another???


  5. VERY cute and I am extremely impressed. My husband absolutely butchered our daughter's bangs one time when he decided to "give them a trim." He is no longer allowed to get near her with scissors!

  6. Cherie,

    Shhh...here's the secret: Google search!

    Now everyone knows...I'm no pro!

    I just googled "best way to cut kids' bangs"...no kidding...and that's what showed up! Based on my previous non-bang cutting experiences with the other kids, it sounded like it should work!

    Emma's the only one who gets a non-Mom cut. Teenagers!