The Burning...Cry Room?

Lily and I have spent virtually every church service in the "cry room" since she came home. Going on 6 months now.

It is reserved for nursing moms and babies or moms and little ones who aren't in the nursery for one reason or another. The service is piped in via speakers and is visible, if you are in the right spot, through a window. And, honestly, I've not really minded a minute of it.

I have wondered from time to time, though, how much I am gleaning (or missing) from the service. Each time these thoughts creep up, the Lord has been exceedingly gracious to show me by His Spirit how privately, intimately, personally He is speaking to me...in the pieces of sermons I do hear and through our times together throughout the week.

Still sometimes I've wondered...what would I get if I sat through a whole service alone?

Sunday I had that opportunity. We had to be there for two services. For the first, I sat in the cry room with Lily & 3 other moms and their kiddos. I was sitting on the floor near the speaker playing with Lily and within minutes of the teaching's start was awed by God's specific dealings with an area of my heart over which He & I have been in intense discussion lately.

It was powerful and personal...and, if I'm being honest, a little difficult to hear.

So, I wondered, what would I hear from Him if I sat through the same teaching "undistracted?"

The last service provided just that opportunity.

And, you know what? He said absolutely nothing new or different. Hearing the "whole thing" made no difference Sunday, for He'd already said what He wanted to say to me...right where I was. Cry room or no cry room. Baby crawling on me or not. He spoke to my heart. And, I praise Him for His grace to this sinner turned saint by His precious blood. I praise Him for the grace He showed me to speak to my desire to hear what He wants to say to me...wherever I am.

Fitting that the passage we were studying was Exodus 3 where God speaks from the most unlikely of places...a burning bush. Love the sense of humor God has!

In Him,

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