Full Weekend

We had a full, but really enjoyable weekend packed to the gills with family and friends both new and old.

Saturday kicked off with a visit from my new friend and her daughter who will also be getting a lower limb prosthetic. She has been home from her international adoption just a few months (like us) and we found each other through a Yahoo group for parents who have adopted children with limb differences. It has been a wonderful connection! I look forward to sharing our adventures in this new season of life with them.

Later that evening we went to a fantasy football league potluck to crown this year's champ. Good food, good friends, heart conversations. Late night.

Sunday morning was church. Sweet on so many levels. I'll share one of those levels in another post either tonight or tomorrow.

After church, we headed out to Kevin's parent's house. It is a beautiful 2 hour drive and extra special because all of my kiddos got to come and see their Pap and Grandma, as well as, their great aunt! This was Lily's first meeting with her and it was a special treat for us!

Great-aunt is in the grey, Grandma in the red.

The beautiful weather and acreage cried out for a whiffle ball game.
Aaron running the bases...
Ally on base...
Gorgeous Emma...aka pitcher
Slugger...Anna Grace
Home Run!
Lily and Pap watching the action...
Can't tell you how blessed I felt yesterday! Love seeing so much family together!

After a great big family dinner, we headed home to the tune of I'm-so-exhausted-I've-hit-the stage-of-uncontrollable-giggles...for 2 hours. Somehow invoking a silence rule only makes it harder to not giggle.

I think we'll all take naps today!

In Him,

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