Yard Sale for Sophie Joy

Yesterday we had our second yard sale for Sophie Joy.  

 The first was under the radar because we hadn't announced her adoption yet.   

But this one!   This one I could welcome each customer with the words,  "Welcome to our adoption fundraiser yard sale!   All prices are make me an offer! "  Joshua would often loudly announce her name after I gave the spiel.  

We were able to raise a little less than $200 and were so thankful to our friends from church who donated a trailer full of yard sale items.

The Lord reminded me before we even got Sophie's file, that even though we don't have the money for the adoption fees, He does.  He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, He said, and He would sell a few.  Money is no mountain for Him.  Seems like it to us!  But, it must be a mirage, because if He is leading, guiding...He must also be providing.  We are watching Him begin to bring in that provision.

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