I could keep updating on past birthdays and various other events, but I simply can't wait to share the NEWEST news any longer.

The Lord is growing our family!

He has brought us another daughter!  She will be 3 in August and currently lives in Henan, China.  She is beautiful, adorable, precious...beyond description and we can't wait to have her home with us!

To read her full story, email me at:  kevmandy @ msn.com

Unfortunately, due to some current restrictions we will be unable to share her picture on the internet for some time.  Don't worry!  As soon as I can, I will!  And, if you see me in person, I'd be overjoyed to show you her sweet face

Until then, her name is Sophie Joy!

Rejoicing in Him,

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  1. Oh, this brings me to tears!!! Wow!!! So excited hear your family is growing again and another precious one is coming HOME! You better believe I'm emailing you right now! ;)