More Catching Up

So, Aaron has gotten married and moved to Guam!

In the days following Aaron's wedding, another announcement changed the way we look at the days ahead.

After many months of decreasing mobility, doctors gave my sweet Daddy the diagnosis of ALS (more commonly known as Lou Gherig's disease).

We have all been adjusting to this diagnosis and learning a changing normal.  The Lord never leaves us without blessing and this has been the case with this as well!

I have been blessed to get to spend at least a week every other month with my parents in Orlando!  This is more time...and often adult only time (kids at home)...than we have had in ages!

The Lord has blessed my parents through the VA so that all of my dad's changing needs are being met...including a powerchair and beautiful wheelchair accessible van.

And, just a few weeks ago Lily and Joshua and Grandpa got to take powerchair walks (rides!) when we visited the in Florida!  

Unfortunately, I took very few pictures when we were there a week ago, but here they are...

In Him,

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