Forever Our Joshua

This week we celebrated my favorite day in July...Joshua's Forever Family Day!

He was so excited and kept saying, "It's my family day!"

It was a super full day (super is one of Joshua's favorite words...usually used 2 or 3 times in succession when he's really excited!).

The morning began with a home visit with our social worker for Sophie Joy's home study. Then we headed off to a celebratory lunch at Joshua's choice, Chick Fil A!  

Everyone was very excited to not only go...

Not the best panoramic in the world!

 but to also have ice cream!

The evening was filled with VBS, which I think Joshua wishes was an everyday, year round thing.  He has been sooooo excited!  The little kids were often allowed to come up on stage and help lead the worship songs and Joshua loved the opportunity.  He is our little entertainer, for sure!

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Joshua is in the tie-dye shirt in the center turned around trying to figure out what to do!  

Joshua smiling in his seat (center).  
Emma in the background (center, orange shirt)

Lily attending VBS...all week!  This is a MAJOR, BIG deal for her!  Maybe she'll go to Sunday School now?  Doubtful!

Joshua has grown so much this year!  He is our thankful, happy, helpful boy.  A neighbor of ours who is recovering from knee surgery told us a few weeks ago that he wanted to knock on our door just so he could have Joshua come and smile at him!

 He loves homeschool (he asks me almost everyday of the summer if we will do school today!).  Colors, counting, listening to stories, pattern blocks, geoboards, sensory play, alphabet themed weeks. You name it he loved it.  Except for a few crafts.  "I don't like crafts, Mama." he's told me more than once.  Unless it involves paint!

He still loves anything involving a ball and is definitely an enthusiastic fan of all things sport...football, soccer (Yes, he loved the World Cup and he and Lily played it in our family room.  He said he was Argentina.  Lily picked the US.), hockey, and (I can barely bring myself to say it) baseball.

His legs have been cast free and he walks so well.  He can run, ride a scooter, pedal a trike, kick a ball...hard!  

Joshua brings fun and laughter into our lives!   Words can't do justice to the blessing he is to our family and how incredibly awed we are to be his family!

In Him,



  1. Mandy,
    I'm so glad you've been posting again. I missed reading your posts and keeping up on your beautiful family. Anna Grace and I were looking at your recent photos today and commenting on how much Emma has changed since your older posts. She is stunningly beautiful. Congrats on Joshua's family day. Looking forward to being able to keep up with you again.