Haiti Update Day 6

The updates from Thursday are from our church's prayer chain.

Beautiful pictures of some loved on children who have captured Emma's heart are at the bottom.

Crazy incredible day! 
250+ kids at VBS today.  We knew that this 
would be a challenging day, since we were 
going to give the invitation [Kevin was presenting this!].Satan has held this land for over 200 years.  We experienced various attempts to 
derail our efforts.  Our translator, Gary, was not there (more about that later), so young Jefferson, the 13 yr old, again stepped 
up to translate until an adult arrived.  The 
UN helicopters kept overflying our position creating noise, smoke from a nearby fire blew on us, and at times, some older crowd members 
got a little "restless."  The team rallied in prayer. Those not actively engaged in something prayed until it was time to do an activity, then others stepped up to pray. Peace came, 
praise God.  The gospel was shared and 
received.  Our regular translator, Gary, was 
in a motorcycle accident along with his wife, and she is in the hospital, so he was not able to come today. At the last minute, God 
provided a translator who did a great job.  We visited the orphanage again today, taking a 
number of supplies the body provided. I think some folks may be going home with some...names of kids   

Tonight, we invited folks from the tent city, an area that is rarely if ever touched by any relief groups, to Cross to Light to be fed.  
Well over 200 people showed up!  We led them 
in worship and  Pastor Brian shared the 
gospel. Following that,we fed them dinner, 
then gave everyone clothing/personal items to take back..."home."  These are the poorest of the poor.  I don't think one single person 
left who was not touched, physically by team 
members and spiritually by the incredible love of God!  Pastor John wrapped up 1 Timothy and Titus yesterday with the students.  Jim Hall began 2 Timothy today and will finish 
tomorrow.  The time developing relationships 
with these students has been incredible!  

Tomorrow [Friday], last day of VBS and an 
orphanage trip.  We may do another tent city 
visit before we leave.  The entire team has 
sights set on returning to Haiti.  This is a 
work that God is truly anointing.  He 
has blessed the people here, and He has truly challenged the perspectives we have.    

Thanks for praying for us!

This is Crystal.  Here is what Emma messaged me about her:

When I first saw her she was on the steps sitting by herself very expressionless.  So I picked her up and just held her...She broke my heart to pieces.  After a few minutes I pointed to a swing and she nodded. So I took her and as soon as she sat on the swing she smiled the biggest smile you could ever imagine!!!

This is Crystal's older sister, Esta.  They also have a little brother.
Just beautiful!

Emma holding Crystal.

Kevin holding Esta.

Today, after VBS, they will be returning to love on these precious ones, whom God defends...through us.

In Him,

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