Haiti Day 7 Update

Yesterday was the final day of VBS and it sounds like it, too, went very well.

However, one, of what I am sure are many heartbreaking accounts, came out of it.  Being the mom of 3 orphans-no-more, it shattered mine.

Emma told me last night that she had been carrying around a little girl that she guessed was around 2 for most of the 3 hours of VBS that morning.  As VBS came to a close, the parents of this precious little girl arrived, noticed Emma loving on their tiny one and began speaking with a translator.

The translator told Emma that the parents were begging Emma to please take, adopt their little girl and raise her in America.  They tried as best they could to communicate that they desperately wanted Emma to take her home, for their daughter to become hers.

Oh, the love and desperation for so much more for their daughter that I imagine was fueling that request! 

And then, I think of Lily and Luke and Joshua's birth parents.  What treasure they gave us...with no ability to know the outcome. 

I can't explain the ache... 

Over the last weeks, we as a family have been saddened by the red tape involved in Haiti adoptions.  No, we are not in the process, but are aware of it.  Last night, Kevin said it is probably a good thing that they can't just book a flight and take these children created in the image of a Great God home.  We'd probably have at least 6 tickets!

On a somewhat funny and what?! note...what may have been the most unexpected ministry opportunity of the trip presented itself yesterday afternoon.  

Kevin and Julio, a Bible Training Center student (I think) at Cross to Light

Pastor Brian came up to Kevin and our best friend John and told them he needed them to leave for the local radio station.  They were to be guests on a world-wide Christian radio call-in program, sharing from the Word and answering caller's questions!  Pastor Brian saw my best buddy Melanie (John's wife) walking by and told her she should go too!  So all 3 of them went to the radio station and, sure enough, went live sharing the Truth, answering calls, praying with callers!  What!!!  How I wish I could have heard it!
I told Kevin that will be one of those moments that, should the Lord tarry this long, when they are all 80 we will be sitting around saying, "Do you remember that time we were in Haiti and were on that radio program? What was that?"

God's adventure stories are truly the best!

They leave Port-Au-Prince today at 5:45pm.  Please pray they make their flights and don't hit local traffic in the middle of the night.  Yes, in our area...there can be major backups in the middle of the night due to highway construction.

Emma and Abby...dressed alike!

In Him,

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