Haiti Day 5 Update

Here are the updates that came for Wednesday.

VBS went fairly well, only one fight (among the kids) while they were tie dyeing the shirts. [To me only one incident like this is miraculous!]  The kids apparently really enjoyed dyeing the shirts.  

In the afternoon they went to a different orphanage to help with a feeding program, but left underwhelmed.  It was very impersonal and assembly line-like and they weren't allowed to love on the children.  Oh, how that makes my heart ache for those children.  And the children they fed?  Not even those in the orphanage...but 'neighborhood' children.  The children living in the orphanage were kept inside away from visitors.   

That evening they fed dinner to people from the Tent City.

Emma and I had a really precious conversation Wednesday night. my girl has a huge heart for the orphan and the Lord is using her in a mighty way to love on those who have rarely felt it.  Many of you have had glimpses of it, but when I FaceTime with her or see pictures of her in Haiti, it takes me right back to China.  I have never seen her happier than when she is holding a little one who needs a mommy.  Light exudes from her.

Just like in China, homes are in compounds (surrounded by concrete walls with large courtyards inside and gates to go in and out of).  At Cross to Light, children congregate around the gate for various reasons (hoping for food, work, affection).  

In the evening, Emma was outside the gate playing with the children gathered there.  When Kevin went to call her in to help wash out tie dye shirts, the gate was closed behind her (solid, not barred) and dark little hands could be seen reaching for her over and under it and a choruses of "Emma! Emma!" heard begging her to come back.  Evidence of children feeling loved!

Although these pictures don't really show this heart, I thought I'd post a picture from lunch on Wednesday 

and where Emma (top bunk) and Kevin have been sleeping.

Yes, he likes sleeping on the roof!

In Him,

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