February was crazy busy for me.  It seemed like I was gone for at least half of every day.

Now it is March and just like I see Daffodils surfacing, I feel like I might as well, too.

I realized I never updated much after Joshua's dental surgery.  It went well and so far every crown and spacer is staying in place.  Praise God!  We have a ridiculously long brushing routine now (probably wouldn't be too bad if he were an only child...).  It is helping his gums heal and stay healthy, though.  After every meal we brush extra well and swab children's mouthwash onto his teeth and gums in order to hopefully keep the germs from invading (apparently they 'stick' much more readily to crowns than natural teeth).

Here are the before and after shots:

And this was with his mouth closed!  Oh, the molars!  I just didn't have the heart to take pictures of the awful molars!

2 extractions & 12 crowns later...he has healthy teeth!  And a game show host's smile!

Quite the improvement I would say!

On a side note, I totally loved the 2 dentists who did his surgery and follow-up.  They have been so kind to both of us and have a great bedside manner with Joshua.  The VCU pediatric dental school was the way to go for us!

Joshua had his second surgery in a month this week.  

Wednesday, at Shriner's in Philadelphia, he had tendon lengthening surgery on both legs.  We went up the night before and he went into surgery shortly after noon.  The surgery itself was very fast...done as we finished our lunch in the cafeteria! There we talked with another mom & her son who has Arthrogryposis, as well (and he, too, was adopted from China!). It was a blessing of a conversation!  She has many bios and adopted children (many with special needs, too).  We left our conversation with her both encouraged and inspired.

Joshua was anything but encouraged when we got to him!  Poor guy was all out wailing.  I could hear him as soon as they opened the door.  And my little sweetie didn't stop until we were in Maryland, I think!

Let's just say it was a rough night and no pictures were taken!  As predicted, he has been more uncomfortable than with a normal casting.  Today, however, he is much more like himself and has even tried walking on his casts again!  Little stinker regretted that within a couple of minutes!  He quickly returned to The Land of the Uncomfortable.

Keep praying...I'll update more the next time I 'surface' in blogland.

In Him,

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  1. Aww! Your post is encouraging for my heart as well! It was nice meeting you and nice to hear our conversation was inspiring! I don't think it's coincidental that we both have April 8th appts!! It will be nice to meet your son and see you again! Looking forward to it!