Yard Sale for Luke!

 Angela...the organizer!  My sweet friend on 
whose heart the Lord laid this idea!
Emma at the check out and Grandma and Pap manning the sale. 

A BIG thank you to everyone who had a part in today's yard sale!

It was a HUGE success and blessing!

And to top it off...I came home to the piece of paperwork we've been waiting and waiting for!  

The I-797a approval! 
(Know that doesn't mean much to anyone, but trust me...it's important!)

Now we have everything we need for our dossier!

In Him,

PS...for those still having comment troubles...I am getting feedback that you have to PREVIEW your comment before you submit it or else it won't show up.  Give it a try...


  1. looks like fun and profit was had by all...pc

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