Long-Awaited Video

What seems like many, many weeks ago...I promised new video of Luke.

Then life took over...with things like school for the girls, fundraisers, multiple doctor's appointments, an unscheduled trip to the grandparents (12+ hours away) for a week, prep for and teaching a new Bible study, Hurricane Irene plus more.

And I was just flat out worn out.
Something had to give...and it was the blog!

So, today I'll post the first new video we have of our Lovable Luke...and hopefully before several weeks go by, I'll tell you how we were blessed with it!

Till then...

In Him,


  1. Oh my goodness! He's got the cutest little voice ever!!! <333
    Praying hard that you guys get your lil boy home soon~

  2. Luke will think that "ninten" is one number, so when he comes home you will have to explain...something I am sure that you will certainly enjoy doing....pc