Comment Troubles?

I've had a few of you tell me that you are having trouble commenting on the blog.  Seems like maybe your comments are disappearing into cyberspace?  

So, Saturday I did a brief search on ways to fix this.  Didn't really understand what they were saying, but tried to follow the one I did as best as possible.  

So will you do me a favor?  

Will you try to leave me a comment and see what happens?

All you have to do is go to the bottom of this post under my signature and click on the word "COMMENTS"...it will have a number next to it that shows how many comments have been left...like 0 COMMENTS!!!

After you do that, a white box should open up where you can type your comment.

To take the pressure off of trying to figure out what you want to say...how about you tell me what your favorite cookie is?  

I'll go first...mine's White Chocolate Macadamia Nut...or maybe Emma's Homemade Chocolate Chip cookies.  No, Big Soft Ginger Cookies!  Oh, I just can't decide...told you I'm not good at figuring out favorites!

Anyway...next, you click on the pull-down menu that has the words: "Comment As" in front of it.  If you have one of the listed accounts you can use that.  If you don't, just use Anonymous.

Finally, click publish comment.  It should show up right away.

If it doesn't...email me, so I know someone's actually trying!  And, I can keep working on the problem...or get I can get someone who knows what they are doing to work on it! [Click on the words 'email me' and you should be able to send me an email.] 


And just because this scene tickled me earlier today...a picture!
I came around the corner to little Miss Lily playing 52 Card Pick-up.   A game that is much cuter when the baby of the family plays it than when her older siblings used to. 

Getting older has helped me find some things ridiculously adorable!

In Him,


  1. Non-bake chocolate and oatmeal cookies -- yum! I have no idea how to work this Comment As stuff so I'm anonymous...very mysterious!

  2. I adore anything with dark chocolate and nuts...pc

  3. Maybe it is the "share the love, leave a comment" box that was being used and not the little tiny word "comment" right under your signature/name...pc

  4. I like white chocolate, cranberry oatmeal. The recipe is on the back of OceanSpray Craisins package.

  5. Hi Mandy!!!
    Hey..I am seriously gonna call you. I know you probably don't believe me anymore do you??
    We had a mission team at our church this week from Last Monday until Late last night and it was wonderful. We did all kinds of community outreach projects and such, but we have not eaten a single meal (I mean not even one) at our house since they got here! It was crazy! So, today and tomorrow are set aside for recuperating! Then life should resume as normal (whatever that is :)

  6. Anything my beautiful wife makes!