Say Oreo!

Well, either my quick fix worked...or no one emailed to let me know it didn't! 
For now, I'm going to go with the "it's fixed" thought.  It's less work!

Two suggestions that came in for those who continue to have comment troubles:
1) Make sure you're clicking on the Comment Box and not the white begger button down below that says, "Will blog for comments." Or something like that.

2) You may have to preview your comment first (click 'preview') and then hit 'publish.'

Hope this helps!
On the heels of our Cookie Comments (made my sweet tooth go into overdrive), I thought I'd share this video of Lily.

A few nights ago, one of the girls mentioned having an oreo (Wegman's version!) and little Lily, who is a major fan, very excitedly squealed "Oreo"...or something close.

We had to try to get it on video....

I think we know what her favorite cookie is!  Ore, minus the 'o'!

In Him,

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