Bag Lady


We are seeing them already.

Last week's PT work primarily involved standing, standing, and more standing. Facing the couch, facing an adjustable bench we got from the the Physical Therapist, standing with her back to the couch or the wall, or simply standing in her walker.

The most important of these was to get her standing facing out from the couch. In any position where she faces in, she has a tendency to stick her little hiney out. It's just easier for her since her left leg is still not pointing down when resting (due to the muscle contracture there).

Saturday it seemed like her tolerance for standing as well as her ability to stay standing and balanced...on her own...just took off. She didn't tire as quickly and was able to face outward for several minutes...unsupported...and enjoy it!

What a leap!

After all the pictures of Lily crying recently, I just couldn't wait to post the smiling ones!

We quickly discovered that one of Lily's favorite things to do while standing is play with her bags of liners, straps and socks!

Take out.
Put in.
Drop on the floor and point for Mommy to pick up.
Begin all over again.

It's my new favorite game! I think I'll call it Bag Lady.

In Him,

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