A Second Casting

About 1 1/2 weeks ago, we had gone for a routine prosthetic check-up which our Physical Therapist was able to attend. It was Lily's happiest appointment up to that point and was exciting for me because both the prosthetists and her PT were very surprised and much excited about her progress.

What does progress look like at this stage for her?

Standing upright (no bending at the waist) with either her tummy or back to something like a wall, couch, or bench.

Not only were they thrilled with her ability to do this, but they were also impressed with the length of time for which she could stand (many minutes). While there, Lily's PT was able to ask her questions and address a concern she has with Lily's right foot...Pronation. In mama's terms: her right foot does not have much of an arch and rolls inward. They were all in agreement that our little Lily is quite pronated on her right foot and that, left unaided, will end up having knee and ankle issues in the future.

Alas, there is a solution! A brace...the technical name is SMO. As this is another piece of medical equipment, we needed Lily's orthopedist to approve and write an order for it. He did...thankfully without having to see her again...and so this past Monday we returned to have her right foot casted for her foot brace.

Yes, casted.

As you may remember from the socket casting, Lily was the picture of misery the last time. So, you can imagine my excitement going into this appointment. They assured me it would go faster this go around. Well, that was at least one thing to look forward to other than it being done!

I wondered who the lucky "caster" would be this time. Poor Miss Mary has suffered for casting Lily's left leg and is only now starting to get back into Lily's good graces. Would she go for a second attempt or let Mr. Don enjoy the chorus of cries?


This time they brought in a very nice father of 2 whom we have never seen before to do the dirty work while everyone else watched.

So what do you think her reaction was to that?

If I thought more than 3 people were reading this (and 2 of them already know the answer!), I'd be tempted to do a poll and post the results tomorrow. But, since, it seems kind of silly to post a 1-0 poll, I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

And the results are....
no tears for rolling the pant leg up

still smiling even when she saw blue gloves...
laughed for foot tickling...

no tears or screaming for the sock & yellow-tubey thing...

(fiberglass wrapping getting wet)the wrapping commences and...

no tears...only curious watching!
Wrapped and ready to harden in a flexed position.

Hey! This isn't so bad!
Wait a minute...
How did you say you are going to get this thing off?
Scissors and a...utility knife?!!

Oh, Mom can't watch that!

After only a few minutes...it was all done and off...
with not one single tear!
On to picking out the colors...the sisters took care of that!
the end result...
a cute little cast without one little bit of crying!

We go back March 11th to try on the brace and, hopefully, bring it home! The girls picked out mostly pink colors, although it won't be too visible as it will usually be covered by her shoe and pants (until summer).

We were so surprised...and relieved...that Lily did so well. Truly an answer to prayer. Kevin and the girls had been praying she would do better this time...and, boy, did she ever! She was only curious this time. What a praise!

Oh, and must give kudos to Emma, my sweet photographer. She did an awesome job!

In Him,


  1. Just for the record....I read it :)


  2. Yay for no tears! Praising the Lord for his continuing grace each step of the way! :)