Thanksgiving...a little late!

Can you guess by this picture where we spent Thanksgiving?

Sunny...and might I add warm Florida! Yes, I am bragging thankful!

We spent a week with Grandma and Grandpa for Thanksgiving this year...one in which we have had so much for which to give thanks! Grandma and Grandpa got to meet and hold their newest granddaughter...a moment I know they have eagerly waited for!

The girls all love visiting Grandma and Grandpa for many reasons...but one of them is the daily morning walk that is followed with pool time (yes, it was warm enough for pool time...at least for the youngest...as well as the intrepid male members...of the family).

Lily LOVES water...she is the only one of our children who doesn't mind water being on her face! She only made it into the pool once, as it was too cool for her the other days, but she loved it when she was able! Check out the Daddy and girls pic with water dripping down Lily's face!

Lily and Grandpa in the pool...

My girl loves to splash!

In Him,

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