Snow Pictures

We have been blessed with two rounds of ground-covering snow in December (so far!) and we made sure to get little Lily out for her first snow! We feel pretty safe in assuming it was the first time Lily has seen snow as Shantou City sits at about the latitude of Cuba. Don't think any snow was falling at 23 degrees...latitude that is...this time last year!

After digging through the winter clothing box to find this snow suit and a tiny boot that was still too large, she was ready to go!

Now, it hasn't been a mystery to us that Lily loves adventure, but her sheer delight at sledding was a hoot to see! Scared? Not one bit! She laughed the whole way down...the first time and the second and every time after that....

One might say she laughed her boot off...ha, ha, ha.
(Bad joke, I know...but that one was for
Grandpa, the king of oh, so punny jokes.)

Seriously, now.
Look at the next picture closely.
No boot...only a white sock.

No, her toes didn't freeze (or remain bootless). Mama stepped in and got the boot back on.

Now, I just love this next picture of the girls!
Could they be having anymore fun?

My little daredevil went down standing...

and then, literally, went down!
No worries...she was unscathed.

Ally always chooses the tamer and less injury-likely amusements...snow angels!

And little Miss Lily posed...

and gave out some love!

December has been the month of loving affection for Lily. She started giving hugs...even what we call "pat pat hugs" (head down on a shoulder with her little hand patting our back).

And, best of all?

She's been giving out smooches! She puckers up and leans in and even makes a smacking sound! Melt my heart and call me fondue!

Oh, how we've waited for this! And, boy, has it been worth waiting for!

In Him,

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