Last Post of 2010...2 videos!

What a year this has been! As I look back over 2010, the phrases 'answered prayer' and 'God's sovereignty' come rushing to mind.

Last year at this time we had no idea that Lily had been born and that in 4 short months we would see her picture for the first time and that a year later she would have been with us for 4 whole months! What a difference a year makes!

She has blessed each of us in our family in ways beyond comprehension. The joy she has brought us is beyond words. To see the kids embrace her and love on her...still, even after 4 months...and the excitement they have over each milestone melts this mom's heart.

Even though we have had our share of sorrows this year, too, the blessings have softened the blows, the grace has been a balm to the hurts.

2010 will always be the year that the promise of Lily Rose was fulfilled...in the fullness of time!

On that note, and to celebrate Lily's 4 months with us (yesterday was 4 months), I want to post 2 videos.

The first is of Gotcha Day, August 30, 2010. Many people weren't able to view it on the Baby Jelly Beans site, so here it is again...this time on YouTube.

The second was taken this afternoon. It is of Lily sitting upright all by herself! This is huge for us! We have been working for weeks (months) toward this goal. We had noticed her doing it a couple of seconds at a time this past week, but last night...she did it for minutes...intentionally. Boy, oh, boy did we ever cheer, celebrate, and clap! And our smartie caught on and gave us several repeat performances. Today, she picked up where she left off. Take a look!

In Him,

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