Christmas and Happy Birthday, Emma!

Christmas is doubly exciting at our house each year because we not only celebrate our Savior's birth but also our Emma's! She turned 13...an official teenager now! Can't believer 13 years have passed since my first daughter was born!

The Sunday before Christmas offered Anna Grace & Ally the opportunity to participate in our church's "Christmas Pageant." The kids dressed as shepherds, angels and Mary & Joseph and sang a couple of Christmas songs, including 'Go Tell It On the Mountain.' As you can see, Ally was a shepherd...or should I say sheperdess...and the cutest I've ever seen!

Anna Grace was Mary at the 9:30 service and Joseph was her "buddy pal" (our family's affectionate name for really important people in our lives...you know you've made it with our kids if you are their "buddy pal"). Her part was a last minute opportunity that we were not at all sure she would relish. She is not our up-front-and-center child, but when the right person asked, she acquiesced...and did a fine job! You can't see baby Jesus here, but one of our baby dolls played the part wrapped in a blanket my babies used. Sniff, sniff...

In the hallway getting ready to sing...

Mary and Joseph looking a bit nervous...

Christmas Morning
Before opening presents, we always read the Christmas account from the Gospels and eat breakfast as a family. But before we dig in, we light a candle on the coffee cake and sing Happy Birthday to Emma. This year she had a number 1 candle on her cake because Mom didn't have a 3 to make it a 13 she is our first daughter and we think she's #1!

We always open presents from youngest to oldest with everyone watching, but for some reason I put these pictures in from oldest to youngest. Sorry, but no time to rearrange! So...here are the kiddos opening some of their gifts.

Emma gets her much desired CHI!

Anna Grace had the biggest box which had to be opened before anything else so that we could get to the other presents!

Ally gets her Jesse doll...

Lily was so funny because after a couple of weeks of being told "no touch" to the tree and presents (to which she obediently and amazingly adhered!), she would not help unwrap...anything. She'd play with it once it was out of the paper, but she was not going to break the "no touch" rule. This could bode well for the future! Look at that 'no way' face!

Love this picture of her with the basting brush I got! She loved that gift!

We are so grateful for yet another year of being in the Lord and blessed beyond measure by Him. It was a joy Christmas Day to be surrounded by all of my children and to have Grandma and Pap here with us! We couldn't help but think of the difference between this Christmas and last...for us and for Lily. I remember hanging the stockings last year praying I could hang one for Lily this year...and I did! This year she was surrounded not only by a Mom and Dad, but by her brother, sisters and grandparents! Her Forever Family!

Thank You, Lord, for keeping Your promises to me!

Thank You, Jesus, for Your birth, life, death, resurrection, and soon return!

Thank You for the gift of eternal life!

Thank You for the oh-so abundant life You have given me right now!

In Him,

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