Happy 9 month birthday Lily!

Lily turned 9 months old! Although we'd love to be celebrating this milestone with her, we are praying that we will be with her when she turns 10 months old. Somewhat of a long shot by man's standards, but we know that "nothing is impossible with God."

Even though the youngest member of our family was not with us today, the girls and I found our own way of celebrating...clothes shopping for the baby! We found some cute...small...outfits. It appears our little Lilybug is smaller than I was thinking. Turns out after doing some looking, she would be wearing 3-6 month size! We all are looking forward to dressing her and up and making her look girly!

One closing thought for Lily Rose...a quote from I-can't-remember-where...that seems to fit today:

You don't have my eyes...but you have my heart!

In Him,


  1. I just don't now what to say, Mandy. I am overwhelmed by the depth of this experience in your spirit.

    I love you so much!