15 years!

Yesterday was our 15th wedding anniversary! They say time flies when you are having fun...and I must say, time truly has gone by quickly! It has been an amazing decade and a half! Yet, at the same time, we both remarked that it seems longer (in a good way!). It is almost like we've never been apart. The two are definitely one. Praise God!

Whenever we go to a wedding we find ourselves remarking, "Boy am I glad we are where we are in our marriage and not where they are!" I can't even imagine being back in those newlywed days...the learning curve is just too great! And we thought we knew each other so well then! Ha!

But, oh the difference 15 years make! My how we've grown in knowledge and understanding of each other and what it means to be married...and to be married to the glory of God! I am so grateful for how the Lord has grown us each individually and then in unity. And as I type this, I must not only thank the Lord for creating us for each other and growing us together, but also thank Him for the people He has brought into our lives who have prayed for us and with us and been models to us of godly married life.

To our parents...thank you. Your faithfulness to each other and to us has been inspirationally bedrock. Thank you for loving each other, us and the Lord! What a legacy!

To Aunt Judy and Uncle John...thank you for faithfully praying for us and supporting and encouraging us for almost 2 decades! (By the way...if you are not familiar with Judy's Marriage Bible study Enhancing Your Marriage I would highly recommend it! God has used it multiple times to enhance ours and I've witnessed Him build others as I've been privileged to teach it. There is a version for couples, too, which we are using in our home group, that is excellent!)

To our old college home group (many of whom we've lost touch with)...thank you for accepting us with open arms and modeling redeemed marriages to us, and helping us fix our eyes on Christ in those baby believer years.

To John and Melanie...you all have walked with us through so much! The value and impact of your friendship...truly your brother and sisterhood...cannot be measured. Thank you for always standing with us.

To our children...we love you and pray that you will see the great mystery of Christ and the church modeled in our marriage. We pray that our love for one another gives you security, peace of mind and heart, and a picture of what you want in your marriage. We pray that one day your Loving Father will bring each of you the spouse that He has fashioned for you and that you, too, will enjoy the blessing of the truth we are living out..."two are better than one."

In Him,

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