Late on the evening of Saturday the 20th we arrived home! 

Lily welcoming us!

Mama hugging Lily

I love how Lily is hugging Sophie's foot!

Joshua excited to say hello

Anna Grace

Emma....so blessed to have her littlest sister home!

Ally, who has been such a sweet big sister to Bei Bei

Her first ride in the US

Video of our reunion....

The flight was the smoothest adoption home flight we have experienced thus far...which can only be explained by prayer!  

Bei Bei and Baba as we waited almost an hour for one suitcase to show up!

We had asked so many people to pray that Sophie would do well on the flight home, that her catheter would not need to be changed in flight, and that she would remain fever free.  And the Lord answered, "YES!"  Soooo thankful!  Not only that, but she actually slept most of the freezing cold flight!  Another huge praise!

Sisters, brother, grandparents, and our closest family friends all showed up at the airport to greet Sophie and she took it all in stride...even the car seat on the way home, which is yet another praise considering her significant dislike of airplane seat belts! 

The next several days consisted of getting to know her siblings and pets.  

Sophie Joy Bei Bei surprised us yet again by being cautiously curious about them (the pets...not the siblings!) rather than screechingly terrified like some other children we know! 

She has blended right in with the other kids and she is by far the most popular person in our house.  

Everyone waits with eager anticipation for the moment Sophie is awake and ready to play.  

They want to hold her, feed her, hug her, play with her.  She is usually up for it all.

I just love watching them all together and seeing everyone's instant love for their youngest sister!

In Him,

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