Cutest 5 Year Olds!

So Sophie has understandably gotten a lot of blog time lately.

A week ago a good friend of mine hung out with us for the morning and because she also happens to be a photographer who got a new camera for Christmas...she asked if she could practice with it using Lily & Joshua as her subjects while I took Sophie to a doctor's appointment.

Hmmm.  How should I answer?

Took me about a milli-second to say...Please! Pretty please! 

Oh...I mean, yes.  Sure.  Of course.  We'd be happy to help out.

And look what she took!

Treneka has her own photography business and blog called For the Joy Photography.  She is super-talented and has been mentoring Emma, as well.  

You've seen her work before around here...she took our family photos back in February 2014.  *All funky collages are by me.*

Check her out on her blog or on Facebook!

In Him,

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