June Birthdays

In our family birthdays seem to pile up in certain months.

October has the most...Lily's comes first, then Aaron's, followed by our newest (and youngest...name coming soon!), and the month rounds out with Ally.

March also has several extended family member birthdays with Kevin only missing the month by 4 days.

June, however, takes second place for the month with the most immediate family member birthdays.

Anna Grace began our month with her 9th birthday and felt most pampered with a special breakfast, 

Good camera's battery died...had to resort to cell phone pictures!

Lunch with Mom at her favorite restaurant...Five Guys

...and then dinner with friends at our Chick-fil-a fundraiser.  Her birthday party is still forthcoming.  Poor girl...she didn't get one last year, so she got to choose any location this year.  Fun Land.  After another adoption fundraiser there last Friday, Kevin agrees it is F-U-N.  Kevin meet go-cart.  Go-cart meet Kevin.  Need I say more?

What was up with my crooked glasses?

Next, came my birthday.  Not a big year, number-wise, so spending it at a homeschooling convention and then Emma's ballet recital seemed like an okay way to spend the day.  Nothing says 'Happy Birthday' like buying your children's curriculum!  

Yesterday was our last June birthday.  June 18th is Luke's birthday. It was not as hard as I expected it to be as I watched the date creep closer.

A sweet friend emailed me her love and prayers.  Something about someone remembering really ministered to me.  Thank you, my friend.

The day was pretty quiet.  I had long wished for a memorial service for Luke, but that has not come to be and I doubt will at this point.  But the Lord gave me an idea a couple of months ago and spoke to my heart that yesterday was the day to begin walking it out.


God had reminded me of the butterfly's beginning as an earthbound, slow-moving caterpillar...and of its eventual change into a free-flying beautiful butterfly.  But the change has to come through a burial or death of sorts.  

Luke, while here on earth, was like that caterpillar.  But through death he became what he was created to be...whole, free, walking with His Creator.

Yesterday, I felt like the Lord wanted me to order the caterpillars so we can watch their transformation...and their flight.

Picture of a birthday celebration at Luke's foster home in 2009
My sensitive Anna Grace made her brother a card and asked me what kind of cake we would make him.  It broke my heart that I don't know what kind of cake he'd like.  

However, I remembered how much I'd been looking forward to taking Luke to the places we love here.  One of which is Carl's.  Those of you who live nearby know Carl's.  Yum.  Not a man...but soft serve ice cream.  It is an icon here in the 'burg.  So, in honor of Luke we went and enjoyed Carl's...a place I had looked forward to taking him.

I love that the kids speak of Luke in the present tense and kept talking about how great a party Luke was enjoying in heaven...and how he is walking and dancing.  Loved that they were joking that the disciple Luke might walk up to our Luke and say something like, "Hi, Luke!  My name is Luke!"  I love that they know heaven is a real place and that they know that it will wonderful and that they are rejoicing that Luke is rejoicing in being there...even though we all miss him.

In Him,


  1. God's peace be with you, Mandy...pc

  2. Still praying for you and thinking of you all the time. Was just telling my mom today about your newest waiting little guy!