The Next Posts and CNY

Hopefully over the next several posts I will be able to back track and explain a bit of what has been taking place since December.  I feel I need to share (in a little more detail than I have up to this point) about what has occurred and how God has been oh so...good.


Well, other than I know many are wondering...1) I want a written record to remind myself.  2) I want to testify to how much Luke is loved.  3) I truly want to give God glory for the valleys.  

And I can only do that if I "open my mouth" and let others know  what has been going on.  

That means that the next several posts may be a little hard for me to get out.   But the Lord has been laying on my heart that I need to back up and share where we've been. 

And what God has been doing.

On a lighter note...

Emma dressed little Lily up in her silk dress and took 
pictures of her in celebration of Chinese New Year.  

Since it is celebrated for 2 weeks in China I 
figure it's okay to show them now!


The only issue is...

Lily wasn't overly thrilled with the idea!

Matter of fact...

She was downright underwhelmed...

ready to be done...


Don't think black and white even helps at all.

Just goes to show that being a model isn't as easy as it seems!

In Him,


  1. Dear Mandy, take your time, compose your thoughts and remember all the good that is in your life, even through the sorrow. Peace...pc

  2. Mandy,
    I look forward to hearing about the providence and provision of our Good God, even through the valleys that you and your family have traveled recently. Blessed be His Name!
    And Lily is ADORABLE, even grumpy. :-)

  3. Mandy- so glad you stopped by and thank you for your sweet thoughts on my blog. I look forward to getting to know you better too. I continue to pray for your health and peace, especially as you follow the Lord's lead to share this challenging journey you've made recently.
    Lily is adorable, especially because she feels so free to express her lack of enthusiasm : )

  4. She is beautiful, despite herself, just like your other girls.

    Thanks for letting us in by sharing your journey, even when it's not easy.

    Hugs to you.