Orphan Sunday

I wish I could explain what has been going through my mind and the weight and upon my heart on this day...Orphan Sunday...and the days leading up to it.

One word comes to mind...Ache.

Oh, I've gone through the motions of my day somewhat mechanically, but all the while the reality of over 100 million children without parents...orphans...is breaking my heart. And as I've walked through my day and loved on my husband and children, one a former orphan, I've ached...for the orphans...and for the church.

I ache for the children who still sit in as orphans in China and across the world to do what my Chinese daughter did today:
wake up to a forever family,
have warm clothes to wear,
have plenty of food to eat,
be kissed and hugged and told you "I love you!" over and over,
have their boo-boo's kissed,
their hearts comforted,
to be sung to sleep,
and cuddled by those who love them,
to be fought over to be loved on and held by family and friends,
to do "normal" childhood things like attend a birthday party,
to have their picture taken...and saved,
to be smiled at and cheered for,
to hear the name of Jesus and be told Jesus loves her...
to be loved by imperfect people who serve a perfect God.

Today, on Orphan Sunday, I ask you: What are you doing with James 1:27? What will you do?

Will you consider adopting?
Will you help pay for another family's adoption?
Will you sponsor an orphan and contribute to their monthly needs?
Will you help pay for an orphan's surgery and medical needs?
Will you contribute to the needs of an orphanage?
Will you help provide nourishment to an orphan?
Will you go to an orphanage and minister...short or long term?
Will you contribute funds for the education of orphans?

Over 130 million children wait. What will you do?

In Him,

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