Since being matched with Lily back in April, I've learned boatloads of helpful tips on adoption...the before, during, and after parts...from, no, not books, but blogs. Out in Bloggy Land there are more adoption blogs than you can shake a stick at from people who have either BTDT (been there done that) or who are on the journey to being a BTDT.

It is almost overwhelming to sort through (and then find again if you forget to bookmark) all of the helpful blogs with the most beautiful children!

Today, on the heels of last Sunday's Orphan Sunday (a week late) presentation and in honor of National Adoption Month (November), I thought I'd post a link to my current favorite blog about Chinese Adoption. Stephanie has definitely BTDT! She is in the middle of her 6th adoption from China...there's a family whose making a difference! She has a great sense of humor and refreshing honesty, as well as pages of tips for China Adoption Travel. Not to mention some sweet giveaways right now!

So, for all zero, I mean one, of you who actually read this...here's a link to Ni Hao Y'all (Ni Hao is hello in Chinese).

Ni Hao Y'all

In Him,

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