Two weeks ago this coming Saturday Kevin, Emma, and Ally (the ballerinas in our family) had the opportunity to perform to Steven Curtis Chapman's Cinderella song (a very special song indeed and close to our hearts). The performance took place at our local mall and made this Mama all teary...truly anytime I hear that song I get teary! Maybe it has something to do with knowing my girls will grow up (having an 18 year old will do that to you) or remembering dancing with my Dad at my wedding or that Chapman was inspired by his 3 Chinese daughters.

Or maybe it's all three!

Without further ado...here's the video.

Grandmas: get the tissues! Consider yourselves warned!

PS...if you click on the video it will take you to a fuller screen version of the video. This one cuts off the right side of the video.

In Him,

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